Last fall, i've been part of a very cool project that was launched last month for iconic eyebrand Persol.
i've been asked with 7 other contemporary filmmakers to direct a "carte blanche" video.
every artist had just a word to work as a starting point then was free to express himself. each word symbolizes one step in the making of a Persol product.
i was given the word “INSPIRATION”

Inspiration can come from a smell, a noise, a colour, a curve, whatever, but i decided u don't necessarly get it and sometimes need to go on  a quest for it.
I thought i mainly find inspiration on the road, so i jumped in a plane to LA, then cruise for three days and 1400 miles in my Boogie Van helped with my good friend Steve Zeitzoff, and pretty much freestyle filming landscapes and atmospheres on the road. very simply.
My idea is that Inspiration isn't something easy to catch, even if you have it in you, you might need, sometimes to look for it or just look for the mental state or cencentration required to get connected with yourself, and...get inspired.

Go check http://www.persol.com/international/days and take some time to also watch the other films directed by such artists as Ari Marcopoulos, Gregoire Alexandre, Asa Mader, Alistair Taylor-Young, Fabio Paleari, Katerina Jebb and Yi Zhou.

A big thank you to Hanni El Khatib for the music.
here are some stills from my film, travel high !

Additional camera : Steve Zeitzoff
Editing : Marc Aurele Vecchione
Production Manager : Benoit Giraud
Production : OSFA films for L'Ecurie
Agency : Publicis
Post Production : Digimage
Music : Hanni El Khatib
client : Persol Brand