In order to make sure the bike is ready, i spent another lovely day at Chatokhine's HQ in Ouerray last monday. it didn't start well for me as i killed my back loading the BSA in the Van. it was 6 am and for some reason i didnt use the ramp and got screwed. i still can barely walk but got lot of hope it will be fixed for Dirt Quake.
Frank spent the entire day making dozen of nice spacers for the BSA. he killed it.
i had broke my wallet to buy a pair of Maxxis DTR-1, and first surprise was : they don't fit !
the frame is so narrow it won't let em get in. luckily i had a pair of Heidenaus K-34.
i still need to install the Cut-Out Switch that i am waiting from Foxy, and still need to find a way to set up the carburation. damn, this bike still works only On or Off, no mid-rpm's, i hope to get it runnin well on time.