Dirt Quake minus 10 days, since first day i saw the poster i knew i couldn't miss this event. i've been dreaming of FlatTrack since years, and decided this would be the right time to break the ShortTrack cherry. i have never experienced riding on an oval, so i entered the race and will have my first attempt
on race day. ok this is a bit sketchy as i may be slow or unable to handle it, but it worth a try, and at least i do have a weapon for that : my 73 BSA B50mx Short-Tracker. i own this sexy beauty since a year now, and have been able to ride it only on straight asphalt. the bike is tiny as i like and narrow as a model's ass, light, brutal and almost ready to race. can't wait to be on site at Coventry's Speedway sharing the experience with all the cool guys from UK.