JEROME DREYFUSS Fall/Winter 12/13

Last february i shot French designer Jerome Dreyfuss's next catalog. always a pleasure to work with him
and his crew. here are some spreads from the catalog featuring Virginie Lanoue & Mohini Geisweiller.



At Rocker Speedshop Paris Pierre & Philipe know how to take good care of their customers.
last saturday, they parked a 50's Ford pick-up on the opposite side of their shop, asked
"Rocky Malek" to jump in and play music, and asked their friends to come show their bikes
and get free beer right on the sidewalk.
it was a great cool moment during the afternoon, Rocky Malek played some kick ass Rock'n'Roll
classics and we all had a good time. thanks guys, can't wait till the next one.



I only shoot live photos for my own pleasure, wich means only for bands or artists i love or respect a lot.
Hanni El Khatib is sure one of those, and after missing 4 of his Parisian lives over the last 2 years i finally
could give a positive answer to his invitation for his gig at La Maroquinerie last February.
damn it was good and powerfull, only 2 men on stage and full raw energy. he's The man.



I will be part of the groupshow for Wheels & Waves in Biarritz June 16th. don't miss this event, this for sure is going to be huge. lots of people coming from UK, Italy, Spain, Danemark, Belgium, Germany, USA and even a guest from Australia. artshow, surf sessions, rides and concerts, plus a big time auction.
check more infos at : wheels-and-waves.com
did i forget to mention this is organised by the fellas from Southsiders-MC and Blitzkrieg Machines MC...
2 more good reasons to come visit Biarritz in June.


In order to make sure the bike is ready, i spent another lovely day at Chatokhine's HQ in Ouerray last monday. it didn't start well for me as i killed my back loading the BSA in the Van. it was 6 am and for some reason i didnt use the ramp and got screwed. i still can barely walk but got lot of hope it will be fixed for Dirt Quake.
Frank spent the entire day making dozen of nice spacers for the BSA. he killed it.
i had broke my wallet to buy a pair of Maxxis DTR-1, and first surprise was : they don't fit !
the frame is so narrow it won't let em get in. luckily i had a pair of Heidenaus K-34.
i still need to install the Cut-Out Switch that i am waiting from Foxy, and still need to find a way to set up the carburation. damn, this bike still works only On or Off, no mid-rpm's, i hope to get it runnin well on time.


Dirt Quake minus 10 days, since first day i saw the poster i knew i couldn't miss this event. i've been dreaming of FlatTrack since years, and decided this would be the right time to break the ShortTrack cherry. i have never experienced riding on an oval, so i entered the race and will have my first attempt
on race day. ok this is a bit sketchy as i may be slow or unable to handle it, but it worth a try, and at least i do have a weapon for that : my 73 BSA B50mx Short-Tracker. i own this sexy beauty since a year now, and have been able to ride it only on straight asphalt. the bike is tiny as i like and narrow as a model's ass, light, brutal and almost ready to race. can't wait to be on site at Coventry's Speedway sharing the experience with all the cool guys from UK.



The good guys at Rocker SpeedShop in Paris are throwing a cool event on saturday may 12th.
i'll be there for sure.


Last fall, i've been part of a very cool project that was launched last month for iconic eyebrand Persol.
i've been asked with 7 other contemporary filmmakers to direct a "carte blanche" video.
every artist had just a word to work as a starting point then was free to express himself. each word symbolizes one step in the making of a Persol product.
i was given the word “INSPIRATION”

Inspiration can come from a smell, a noise, a colour, a curve, whatever, but i decided u don't necessarly get it and sometimes need to go on  a quest for it.
I thought i mainly find inspiration on the road, so i jumped in a plane to LA, then cruise for three days and 1400 miles in my Boogie Van helped with my good friend Steve Zeitzoff, and pretty much freestyle filming landscapes and atmospheres on the road. very simply.
My idea is that Inspiration isn't something easy to catch, even if you have it in you, you might need, sometimes to look for it or just look for the mental state or cencentration required to get connected with yourself, and...get inspired.

Go check http://www.persol.com/international/days and take some time to also watch the other films directed by such artists as Ari Marcopoulos, Gregoire Alexandre, Asa Mader, Alistair Taylor-Young, Fabio Paleari, Katerina Jebb and Yi Zhou.

A big thank you to Hanni El Khatib for the music.
here are some stills from my film, travel high !

Additional camera : Steve Zeitzoff
Editing : Marc Aurele Vecchione
Production Manager : Benoit Giraud
Production : OSFA films for L'Ecurie
Agency : Publicis
Post Production : Digimage
Music : Hanni El Khatib
client : Persol Brand


Sideburn mag from Uk is throwing what seems to be the coolest & funniest racing event to come in 2012.
Short Tracking for everybody and any kind of bikes. there s even a Chopper class !
as they ususally say : " It's not what you ride, it's how you ride it”
Once again great art from Adi Gilbert

Back On Track

Sorry y'all again for almost a year of silence. since Pikes Peak i've been kinda busy, and had to work a lot. not too many time for bloggin, and the gap gettin bigger everyday, an uncatchable delay. i'll try to do some flashback posts, but let's focus on the present for now.
i'm back on O.S.F.A ready to experience more, and on the side should really soon get my first ever ShortTrack experience in UK. stay tuned.