Tuesday 30th was an epic day. till the very last minute i didn't know if i was gonna make it or not.

©Dimitri Coste

i had to drop off my Triumph in Wilmington before 8pm otherwise i would have been disqualified for the race. wahh such a sketchy situation. i'm shipping my bike all the way from France and i may miss the event. after lots of phone talk we finally drove to the airport with Phil Toselli. after long wait we finally had the bike and left the airport at 7.23pm. got there at 7.54, but i still needed to uncrate the bike and also put it back on wheels. as i was the very last racer to register, i was very welcome and everybody was stoked. such a good moment. i spotted Kyio's Cub and Yoshi's Yamaha, and a beautiful 40's HD hillclimber.

©Le Admiral

©Le Admiral


After Garage Company, Le Admiral and i went to coolest man ever Steve Zeitzoff's, and ran into Atiba Jefferson who was just coming back from a day with all the OG Bones Brigade members. Stacy Peralta, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Mike Mc Gill, Tony Hawk, Tommy Guerrero, Rodney Mullen.
he was so stoked. 30mn later we ended up joining Tony Hawk for a drink before Zeitzoff and Atiba decided it was time for a ride to the Jumbo's, i couldn't miss this shot of Birdman and Atiba in the 66 beetle.