Kiyo 's Cub

i stopped by Garage Company yesterday eve, Yoshi & Kyio where working on finishing their bikes for Catalina. and i was so stoked when i saw what they'll be riding !
my man Pommier talked to me about Kyio's Tiger Cub, but let me tell you this is one of the sweetest bike
i've ever seen and for sure my favorite Cub of all time.
u'll get some more images lil later.


i'm finally back bloggin. got to apologise ty'all, for those 5 months mute.
i think i had too much to say, too much to show you, and as i was very busy working
i kinda lost the rythm. i wanted to start from the last post, but so many things happened, 
met so many cool people, been on some very cool jobs....
so i won't start straight from where i left you guys 5 months ago somewhere in the Lower East Side.
but i'll make sure to offer you some flashbacks sometimes.
i just landed yesterday in LA with Le Admiral. and we're up to live some new adventures.
stay tuned