Caroll Shelby 23.01.1923 - 10.05.2012
The great Caroll Shelby passed away at 89 years old. he was the last of the dinausorus from the great racing 50's and sure a hell of a man, and a true legend.
2 years ago i was lucky to spend a day with him on the set of a March-LA.B photoshoot. it is always a unique experience to be able to share a moment with such a great man.
he was mentally as young as the crew, way cool and very excited by the project. i knew at the time this might be the only opportunity for me to meet such a myth, and was always supposed to stop by again say hi and never did due to my alwaysoverbookedschedulewhileinCali. i keep this day as a precious privilege and great memories. he sure will be missed, but we'll keep dreamin for years watching him race on videos or just admiring all the uber-performant cars he built and tuned over the decades. for all this Merci Mr Shelby and congratulation for all you did.

i need to thank the talented designer Jerome Mage. this day and photoshoot would never have happened without him. Jerome is a proud owner of a Mustang Shelby and a big fan since his youth, he came up with the desire of doing a watch collab March LA.B x Shelby in honor of The Green Hornet, a legendary Shelby Mustang that never went to production, and actually killed it and with Mr Shelby's blessing.

                                     Jerome Mage & Caroll Shelby, Gardena, CA, June 2010
                                                                       ©Dimitri Coste