couple hours and few burritos later, Stephane and i were making it to The Lone Duck Campground. the Lone Duck is the closest campground near the race, the owner is a motorcycle enthusiast, and a bunch of racers meet there every year for years. after practice it's mechanic time and everybody work on anybody's bike. they do it all there, change tires, cams etc...anything. the vibe is ubercool and positive.

after manyconfigurations, we decided to check the air filter. it was dead. there wasn't any at the local store Apex, so Joe decided to build one out of 2. because the TR6C offers only a very limited room.

it was a good effort, but didn't work well, the room is so tiny, the carb would suck the foam that was too close. so i decided to take it off and to ride naked. no air filter. it did actually work well.

some of the fastest guys stay the entire week at The Lone Duck, like the Lee brothers or Travis Newbold. i've read about Travis few months back on the Sideblog, and was happy to meet. we instantly got along, this guy is a supafast and nice motherfucker. wor ! we ended up staying at the Lone Duck sleepin in the Boogie Van for the rest of the trip.

Jimi Heyder came all the way from Vermont with his Airstream, we was fast on his 250 RM.