here we come, the second stage of the O.S.F.A.
The legendary Pikes Peak International Hillclimb Competition.
after a very busy month, i finally got accpeted to race my 1967 Triumph TR6C at PPIHC

my schedule was tight as hell, but i finally made the flight to LA with Stephane Lascols AKA Oldschool.
aster the third allnighters in a row, the flight was the best and we both slept the all way.

Our first stop was at Mr Ponce in Ocean Bitch to pick up my Boogie Van, we then had dinner
at the Blanchards designer's crib. the occasion to share some crepes with true friends. Marc is the co-founder and was the designer of One Industries since he quit a year ago. he's a man of taste and a
living motocross human encyclopedia.

check what kind of art he displays in his living room.