Tom Cooke were the last to make it to the Big Apple. quick check-in at 1am and we all walked 2 streets further to enjoy some party time and fresh beers at MaxFish. Atiba couldn't be with us as he had to stay in LA for the NBA finals, but it was great to meet up with the crew and share some good stories. we pushed the good time to the dawn. after the rain, the sun was wakin-up in a clearer and colorful yet sky.

Tom Cooke Bitch !

Phil Tosseli, the tasty OTW art director

i ran into Euro pro skater Mickael Mackrodt while i was there. i haven't seen him since last time i shot photos of him for an Element skateboards catalog 3 years ago. was definitly cool to share a booze with him and his cute photographer friend.

Eric Elms and Tom Cooke enjoying some New York style slices

Steve Zeitzoff is a one of a kind dude, as hilarious as talented