a week ago, i was lookin for some cool stuff at a local fleamarket when i got attracted by a leather racing pant in a booth. what i finally got was way way way better than a vintage race pant. i started to talk with the guy about leathers, then motorcycle, he finally told me that Flat Track was his life, he was racing the nationals in expert. Mike had to give up on his sweet dreams just few weeks before passing pro, due to a bad crash on the oval. Broken pelvis in 4 pieces and some seriously hard pain. "oh yeah u were racing shorttracks in the 70's ! is there a chance u have some photos from the glory past ?" "oh yes i got copies..." wow, i almost collapsed. the photos were very powerfull, and the guy Mike show some serious agressive riding style. i couldn't stop watchin every details on the copies. Mike was proud of that and he sure can, cuz it seems to me that this guy was rulin back in the 70's. He made  my day. check out those amazing old photos, thanks to Mike Parr for sharing.

all photos ©Dimitri Coste